Program Pembangunan peneroka

Program Pembangunan Peneroka FELDA (PPP)

PPP projects refer to the White Paper policy to drive towards FELDA Sustainability. It is the main agenda in the empowerment of settlers, new generations and increasing income through New Revenue.

1. Initiatives to generate new income through diversification of potential crops and livestock.

2. FELDA will be the driver of the National Food Industry as well as addressing the dependence issue of food imports that account for more than RM45 billion a year.

LAUNCH : ROMPIN (National Settlers Day Celebration 2019 by Tun  Dr Mahathir) PPP is one of the latest initiatives under the New FELDA Model which was presented by the government and implemented with the purpose of preventing settlers to solely rely on aid & oil palm plantations and to optimize the use of FELDA’s land.

Main Objectives Of The Project

Program Pembangunan Peneroka FELDA
  • To increase Settlers Income
  • To ensure National Food Security (SSL)
  • To Reduce Settlers Dependence on Commodity Products (Palm Oil & Rubber)

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