FIC Aquapac

The FIC Aquapac range of package water treatment plant provides a proven design to deliver potable treated drinking water to meet SPAN’s, WHO’s and SIRIM’s Standards. This complete water treatment package of integrated equipment is designed to be an assembled treatment, which is fully scalable and flexible in meeting specific applications. The FIC Aquapac comprises of a flocculator, a clarifier, a sand filter and a chemical dosing plant, complete with all pumps, gauges and interconnecting pipework.

The locations that have been fitted with FIC Aquapac are:

1. Kelantan

  • Chiku
  • Kemahang

2. Sabah

  • Loji A, Felda Sahabat

Projects in the pipeline:

1. Selangor

  • Sungai Tengi

2. Perak

  • Lasah

3. Melaka

  • Sungai Tengi


FIC Aquapac Model :

  • Pre-enginerred, factory-assembled packagewater treatment plant.
  • Low Series (1-50 m3/hr) for 100-500 pac
  • Hi Series (50-700 m3/hr)
  • Plant Design. Self-contained, factory tested, pre-packaged unit on single compact skid
  • Component Design. Individual isolated modules for hi solids application, large capacity systems and conventional treatment plant retrofits. Optional UF and RO
  • PLC and remote monitoring provides controlled filtration performance
  • Compliant with SPAN, SIRIM, WHO, all reuse regulations and discharge restrictions


  • Design. SPAN Standard by IEM Engineers & UTP Researchers
  • Fabrication. SIRIM Method & QC
  • Installation. Minimal Space, Economical, Quick & Potable
  • End Product. WHO Standard & GLC Warranty
  • Operation. Safe & Easy
  • Maintenance. Less & Practical (2 year warranty)
  • Portfolio. Felda, Jabatan Air Negeri Sabah, Lembaga Air Perak, Ministry of Education, Pengurusan Air Pahang & Syarikat Air Darul Aman

Projects Reference

FIC Aquapac at Chiku, Kelantan

FIC Aquapac at Kemahang, Kelantan

FIC Aquapac at Loji A, Felda Sahabat, Sabah


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